Smart Tickets (Blockchain/NFT technology)

NFTs provide nightlife fans with an exciting way to memorialize special events, even after the night has ended. These digital collectibles can be used to capture and preserve memories from the night through an entirely new lens. Not only that, but they offer additional benefits by allowing the nightlife fan to resell the NFT as a collectible item after its original purchase. What could otherwise remain only a fleeting experience in memory can now be translated into a tangible format for everyone to enjoy for years to come.

NFT…. no shot
Making the nightlife experience better, offering more exclusive experiences, not at the expense of others, and giving control and transparency to people, not the corporations: that’s our mission.

There is always control and tracking of the tickets for the event organizer, even if they change hands (in case of resale or transfer to a friend)

SkipRope would only exist today with these two web3 technologies: blockchain and NFTs. Combining these two technologies provides an incredible platform that lets SkipRope revolutionize how tickets and services are utilized in the nightlife industry, allowing their customers to interact with them in a whole new way.

Our transactions are completed in United States Dollars (USD) through card payments. There’s no requirement for users to have cryptocurrency/wallet on hand.

Dynamic QR Code Tickets

RIP plastic cards and PDFs.

Our revolutionary delivery system generates a dynamic QR code that changes every 30 seconds, guaranteeing the validity of tickets and keeping event organizers in complete control even when tickets are resold or transferred. Plus, with the added security of blockchain technology, you can rest assured that your digital tickets are safe and 100% legitimate.

Taking a screenshot is useless.

Private wallet

Store all your smart tickets and passes in your private wallet, and even keep your expired assets as memorabilia or resell them.
Users can link their private crypto wallet and take out (mint) their NFTs to Polygon (with applicable gas fees), granting access to other NFT marketplaces and Instagram/Twitter.

Primary andSecondary User-To-User marketplace

We offer a marketplace for selling passes and tickets, but they are also interoperable with existing marketplaces, meaning they can be exchanged there. The business can track them throughout their entire lifecycle, and most importantly, you get a percentage of each resale.

Get ready to make every occasion special