Business Solutions


We aim for solutions that solve real problems for both businesses and patrons in the nightlife industry.

From Guests to Regulars

Identify the highest-value customers within your market and turn them into loyal regulars by showing them what hospitality is genuinely about.

Skip the line

Save time, avoid crowds, and get special treatment. This is the base product of each SkipRope smart ticket.


If everyone has it, nobody has it. Scarcity is everything to exclusivity. Each amount of SkipRope digital assets are finite in supply per location and vary in pricing.

Group ticket sharing

Buy several tickets and only send it to the people you trust.

Exclusive perks

Special seating or areas, complimentary food or drink, special events or parties, discount or promotions... These are just a few examples of the types of perks that businesses may offer (vary from business to business).

Passes or Tickets

Get the SkipRope experience for a night or for a couple of months.

User-to-user marketplace

Increased convenience and accessibility for buyers and sellers.


Make lines go smoother, faster.

Improve the night’s operations by offering a touchless, faster cover solution for letting people inside with flexible payment options.

Fraud & scalping prevention

Our smart tickets utilize blockchain and geofencing technology to counter malicious activity from non-holders.

Get customers in earlier

Set pass and ticket redemption to the specific minute and drive traffic when you need it most.

Customize prizing

Pick prices on the primary market that match your customers needs

Custom profile and listing

Manage your presence on SkipRope so guests see vital information (location, hours, photos) about your business.

Control product availability

Maximize your product potenial and decide when you want assets on the market by picking specific dates, ranges, or days of the week.


Get heads inside

With the nightlife network and modern industry-leading marketing tools, you need to get more guests when needed.

Mobile push notifications

Support and grow your community by directly communicating through effective mobile push notifications

Built-in marketing team

Opt-in to display ads, social media marketing, and more (even in and outside the business!)- there’s an entire marketing team working for you.

Build your marketing list

Gain marketing leads through customers made on SkipRope

Access a network of thousands of high-value customers in the area

We only work with the hottest nightlife businesses in the area, being on our app will spread awareness to new and old guests on where they might spend their time that night out.


Create and sell abetter customer experience not by extortion

Sell smart passes/tickets that generate sales in advance and through our secondary market. Making incremental revenue with little to no extra work.

Access to secondary market revenue

We offer a marketplace for selling passes and tickets, but they are also interoperable with existing marketplaces, meaning they can be exchanged there. Track them throughout their entire lifecycle and even receive a commission each time they are resold..

Cash-free cover charge

Easily purchase cover on the mobile application using Apple Pay, credit card or Google Pay. No need to carry cash.

Event ticketing

Always keep your customers up to date with your upcoming events and parties.

VIP passes & tables

The highest value customers pay a premium for the ultimate customer experience at your establishment..

Control product availability

Maximize your product potenial and decide when you want assets on the market by picking specific dates, ranges, or days of the week.

Get ready to make every occasion special