SkipRope sets the stage for powering up your customer experience.

Skip the line plus more.

SkipRope is a mobile application marketplace where you can get smart tickets that give you perks at your favorite bars & nightclubs that changes your customer experience on a whole new level.

Skip the line

This is the base product of each SkipRope digital asset, bring your friends too.

Additional Perks

Become a real VIP. Bring friends with you inside, get discounts on drinks,

Passes & Tickets

Get the SkipRope experience for a night or for a couple of months.

Highest Security Measures

We use smart ticket technology to counter malicious activity. No fake tickets, no scalper bots, and no black markets.

Secondary Marketplace

Sell smart passes/tickets that generate sales in advance, making incremental revenue with little to no extra work.

Low supply, high demand

Scarcity is everything to exclusivity. Each amount of SkipRope digital assets are finite in supply per location and vary in pricing.

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